Subcontractors For General Contractors

Are you building a new home or buying a newly built one? How do you know if the electrical service was properly installed? Your home was constructed by a general contractor who hired electricians and other subcontractors to install systems and complete different aspects of the process. The electrical work is only as good as the general contractor who selected the electrician and the electrical company who did the work.

When you are buying a new house, ask who did the electrical work and you may well find that Jamco Electrical did the job. If so, you can’t go wrong. If you are acting as a general contractor on your own home, or if you are looking for a competent electrician to handle the electrical work during a remodel or service issue, contact Jamco at 281.608.3267 or 346.319.5799.

What Should You Look For In A General Contractor?

In selecting a home to buy, you should inquire about the general contractor to see if he has a record of competence and honesty. The contractor does little of the construction work on a new home, but hires and manages subcontractors who do the job. General contractors are under budgetary pressure to get the work done competently, yet cost-effectively; if your contractor emphasizes budget over quality, the end result could be substandard work. In other words, you get what you pay for! Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are unresolved complaints on file about the quality of the workmanship found on other homes built under your contractor’s supervision.

Why Selecting The Proper Electrical Subcontractor Is Important

The work that subcontractors do reflects on the general contractor; complaints filed with the GC are often the result of poor workmanship by a subcontractor, coupled with lack of oversight. To keep customers happy, a competent general contractor looks for certain characteristics in electricians and other subcontractors:

• They are often referred by other competent tradespeople.
• They have a reputation for reliability and workmanship.
• They are licensed and insured in the state where the work will take place.
• They charge reasonable rates, which is usually revealed through a bidding process that takes place after the contractor lays out the specifications for the finished job.

Once the general contractor selects an electrician or any other subs, the next step is a contract that specifies exactly what the scope of work, price, and payment schedule will be. The contract also covers the work schedule and specifies who will provide materials, clean up, and remove debris. Since a disappointed homeowner will come back to the general contractor if the work is not satisfactory, a warranty is expected so that there is some recourse in case of a problem.

The Important Work Of An Electrical Subcontractor

During the housing construction process, an electrician has several main jobs:

• Installing the service panel and roughing in wires that will be hidden behind walls
• Installing electrical switches, fixtures, and miscellaneous devices such as doorbells, fire alarms, security systems, and ceiling fans
• Running wiring for cable TV, phones, and computer networks

As a subcontractor, electrical firms follow the general contractor’s direction. A good GC, however, is open to suggestions that the subcontractor has about how to do the job better and more economically.

Jamco Electrical, Serving Houston General Contractors

In Greater Houston, the subcontractor that many general contractors seek out is Jamco Electrical, a local firm in business since 2009. Jamco, which offers residential and commercial electrical services directly to homeowners and businesses in need of electrical work, proudly serves the regional construction community in the capacity of subcontractor. Jamco electricians, under the leadership of owner Jesus Trevino, have put their mark on many building projects. They have earned their reputation as competent, reliable team members who have positively contributed to the housing stock of Greater Houston.