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Electrical wiring is serious business, whether you are adding a new room to your building or just making a small upgrade. As a homeowner or business owner, you may want to keep expenses at a minimum by handling such jobs yourself. However, proper electrical work is best left to Jamco Electrical, a company that is staffed by a team of licensed, insured electricians with decades of experience among them.

Whether you are remodeling a home or business, just click on residential and commercial electrical services for a list of the types of projects that Jamco can do for you. We promise responsive, high quality, affordable service for all your remodeling and renovation needs. To get started, contact Jamco at 281.608.3267 or 346.319.5799.

Why Call In Professional Electricians

If you feel you are competent at electrical repair, or if you can at least watch a YouTube video or read materials online, you may feel that you can handle some projects yourself. There are several mistakes in this line of reasoning:

• You are probably not familiar with local, state, and national electrical codes that specify how work is to be done. Your work might not pass the home inspection.
• You do not have the training or experience to do the work. Electricians not only have on-the-job training, but have also served apprenticeships to prepare them for their work.
• You are not a licensed, insured professional. Even if you have homeowners’ or business insurance, you may not have coverage if your repairs result in a fire or loss of service.
• You put yourself at risk for electrocution and electrical burns if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You may be able to add a replacement light switch or do small projects based on your knowledge, but unless you have had proper training in the field, you are not equipped to handle major projects.

How Jamco Electrical Serves Your Remodeling Needs

When you call in Jamco Electricians, you are hiring a company that has been in business since 2009, but whose employees have decades of experience. You can expect us to do the job correctly, safely, and neatly. It’s our business to know the codes and to know the most current methods for how to best do the job.

Jamco has additional expertise you will value when doing a remodel. As electrical designers, we can plan out the wiring layout for an addition or other major remodels and carry it out, whether working on your breaker box or figuring out how to arrange the wiring for the most efficient, convenient operation of outlets and switches. As experts in lighting design, we can suggest the best type of fixtures for your new room or outdoor area to be lit. Even if the wiring needs to be installed underground, which might be the case if you want to electrify a garage or add lighting around a swimming pool or outdoor water feature, Jamco can handle the job.

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