Residential & Commercial Installation

When you have a major electrical project to do, it is easy to find electricians who are happy to come and do a big job. For small jobs, such as installing ceiling fans, switches, or outlets, who do you choose? If your home or business needs emergency power after a midnight storm, who will make a service call? Fortunately, in Greater Houston, Jamco Electrical is always ready to serve your electrical needs, large and small.

As local company proud to serve fellow Texas residents, we invite you to call the next time you have a “small” electrical problem on your hands. For electrical service call us today at 281.608.3267 or 346.319.5799.

Why Call An Electrician For “Small” Jobs?

Many simple repairs require time and knowledge that most homeowners lack, so it pays to have a licensed electrician do the job. Small installations can easily get out of hand and take you beyond your capability and out of your comfort zone. The reasonable rates that Jamco charges buys you:

• Professional expertise if the job becomes complex
• Convenience for jobs you do not have the time or inclination to do yourself
• Assurance that the job will be done correctly with proper grounding and according to code
• Protection against electrical burns, shocks, fires, and electrocution

Switch Or Outlet Installation Issues

Take installing outlets, for example. Replacing an existing outlet or switch can be an easy job, but if you need to put in a new one, you can run into problems if you do not have a straight shot between your breaker box and the proposed location for your outlet. If you need multiple outlets or switches, you may be out of room in your breaker box, which requires installing a new electrical panel. The national average cost of installing a single outlet is $183, based on Angie’s list surveys, but spending the money with Jamco Electrical is well worth it to make sure you have the service you need.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Jamco also installs ceiling fans. For many homeowners, instilling a ceiling fan can be exhausting, especially if you have a fear of heights or lack agility. In the simplest case, the installation requires installing a metal junction box where the old light is located, adding a brace to support the weight of the fan, and hooking the fan up to wiring that was there from a previous light fixture. The project may also involve installing a remote and a wall switch. Unless the job involves additional wiring, the process may take about two hours.

According to Angie’s list, putting in a ceiling fan has an average cost of about $200, less any discounts that providers offer. For more complex jobs, the costs can quickly escalate. Jamco works efficiently and is quick to inform you of complications that might occur if you had no previous wiring for a light or fan.

Call Us For After-Storm Repair

Have a storm in your area? While getting the power on is often the job of your electric company, storms can leave you with many problems such as wet electronics, appliances, and outlets. The water may cause the circuit breaker to blow when you try to use an appliance or you may hear hissing, see sparks, or notice a burning smell coming from outlets. Jamco will come out day or night to fix the problem, which involves checking your breaker box, testing switches, outlets, and equipment, replacing outlets, and examining appliances. We can also install a generator for you so that next time you have a storm, you won’t be out of power.