Fuse & Breaker Replacements

In any home, you may occasionally have to reset a breaker or replace a fuse. No problem. If you find yourself consistently tripping the breaker or blowing a fuse, there may be something going on that merits calling an electrician. Often, the problem is that your circuit is overloaded, which means you either need to redistribute power use over outlets on separate circuits or expand your capacity. For example, you may have a toaster, grill, flat screen TV, and microwave all on the same circuit even if you are using different outlets. If unplugging some appliances does not result in fewer problems with your circuit blowing, you need a visit from Jamco Electrical to wire some outlets to a new circuit or upgrade your box to eliminate the problem.

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When To Call An Electrician

Modern homes and businesses have breaker boxes that contain circuit breakers that trip or turn off to stop in your home or business. Breakers have largely replaced fuses which are one-use devices that must be replaced after they are blown by too much power, in contrast to circuit breakers that can simply be reset by flipping the switch or handle.

A constantly-tripping circuit breaker or blown fuse is only one indicator that you need intervention from a licensed residential and commercial electrician. You may also find that:

• Your circuit breaker or fuse box is hot to the touch
• There is a burning smell coming from the breaker panel or fuse box
• You can see burned metal, frayed wires, or other damage visible damage
• You can hear noises such as buzzing, hissing, or popping

If you have any of these problems, the wires may be overheated, which breaks down the insulation, possibly resulting in an electrical fire. A continuous problem with fuses or breakers may mean that you need a larger breaker or fuse box.

Problems Your Jamco Electrical Professional May Discover

When your Jamco professional comes to your home or business, he may discover an easily fixable problem such as double tapping, which means that a breaker designed for only one wire has two wires connected to the same screw terminal in the electrical panel. A slight adjustment can fix a problem like this, but if the wires become loose or overheated, you may need more extensive work.

Other potential problems include:

• An under-sized breaker or wire
• A defective or loose breaker
• A weak compressor
• Loose electrical connections
• Weak capacitor
• An obsolete, damaged, or dangerous fuse or breaker box

When To Call Your Electrician

When your breaker trips or fuse blows, should you immediately call an electrician? If plugging in fewer appliances doesn’t relieve the problem, if you have a continuous problem with the fuse or circuit breaker, or if you have any other danger signs such as melting wires or noises, smoke, or smells, you need to have an electrician analyze the problem.

Jamco Electrical will gladly come out and check to see what is going on 24/7. Once we have diagnosed the problem, we will present you with an estimate of the cost of any further action before starting the repairs. We also install replacement breaker boxes when you are remodeling or new breaker boxes on additions and new construction.